Home Sweet Home (New Year, new studio)

Home sweet home-studio.

2018 was a big year, presenting many a personal challenge that required pressing the pause button on some of my most ambitious undertakings. Though I won’t get into too much detail here, suffice it to say that the last year brought along a few very fundamental changes. As these things often go, I learned a ton about myself along the way and feel enriched by the experience it brought me – all in all I’m a little bit wiser for the wear.

One very important change the last year wrought was this: I finally carved a little home studio out of a neglected corner of my home! I’ve been amassing the puzzle pieces (microphones, mixer, preamp etc.) for a minimalistic digital audio work-station over a period of about ten years now, but the addition of a midi keyboard and a set of studio monitors last year really tied things together… the resulting setup affords me the possibility of a new workflow I’d never been able to realize before.

Hence, I would like to invite you down the rabbit hole, ladies & gentlemen, to share with you (drumroll, please – ) my very first home-studio recording for public release, a little number entitled Home Sweet Home:


I sincerely hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to share the link with others; I am looking to expand my recording activities in the new year and thus happy to hear from people interested in any related collaborations, works for hire or music publishing. Please bear in mind that I am the songwriter and sole copyright owner – if you are interested in any possible use of the song, by all means, ask me about it directly.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy new year and the best of fortune for 2019!