The string bass is featured as a solo instrument in Mark Roman & The KBCollective. Here, Rhythm & Blues, Western Swing & Afro-Cuban-Jazz meet in a tasty & unique recipe honoring the diversity of American musical culture.      

Bandleader Mark Roman began organizing a loose collective of musicians in New York in 2008. The songwriter & string bassist re-located from Brooklyn to Berlin in 2011. The KBCollective has since grown into an international creative musicians network supporting creative endeavors primarily in New York & Berlin.

As original songs of the band members rub shoulders with evergreens from the American songbook onstage, their synergy in combination forms a brand new style known as:

“Roots Music from the Machine Age.”


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Mark Roman & The KBCollective. Rhythm & Blues, Western Swing & Latin Jazz werden in einer hervorragenden Mischung kombiniert, die die bunte Tradition der amerikanischen Musik- & Tanzkultur zum Ausdruck bringt.      

Bandleader Mark Roman begann 2008 in New York einen Musikerkollektiv zu organisieren. Der Songwriter & Kontrabassist kam dann 2011 nach Berlin. The KBCollective ist seitdem ein internationales Netzwerk kreativer Musiker geworden.

Eigene Songs von verschiedenen Mitglieder der Band erklingen neben Evergreens aus dem American Songbook. Die dabei entstehende Eigendynamik nennt sich:

“Roots Music from the Machine Age.”